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@@ -196,17 +196,22 @@ You will need to install [PhantomJS][]. On OS X, that's easy:
$ brew install phantomjs
-To run the test suite, these are all equivalent:
+To run the automated tests:
~~~ sh
$ npm test
-$ ./make test
-$ script/test
-To manually run tests (all except for the "ajax" module) on a device,
-you can serve the whole Zepto folder on a web server and open
-`test/index.html` in the device's browser.
+To run a test server, which you can hit with your browsers and devices:
+~~~ sh
+$ npm start
+Go to `http://your-ip-address:3000/` on your browser and follow the
+instructions. For your convenience test failures and exceptions will be
+reported to the the console you started the test server in (as well as
+the browser console if available).

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