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Commits on Dec 11, 2014
  1. @mislav
  2. @mislav
  3. @yanakey @mislav

    Fix serializing `<select multiple>` values

    yanakey authored mislav committed
  4. @mislav
  5. @yanakey @mislav

    Don't try to serialize `<input type=file>`

    yanakey authored mislav committed
  6. @mislav

    Remove unnecessary assertions

    mislav authored
  7. @mislav

    Merge branch 'safari-windows'

    mislav authored
    Closes #1008
  8. @mislav
  9. @mislav
  10. @jbmonroe @mislav

    Ensure recognition of Safari on Windows

    jbmonroe authored mislav committed
  11. @mislav

    Fix Evidence messing up objects in assertion failed messages

    mislav authored
    Since starting to log test failures to the test server in
    524ee26, the messages about failed
    assertions were displayed like this in browser console:
        Expected %o to be == to %o.
    This was because Evidence's `printf` was misbehaving and emptying the
    arguments array which was supposed to be forwarded to `console.log()`.
  12. @mislav

    Merge branch 'data-number-overflow'

    mislav authored
    Closes #1018, closes #1019
  13. @mislav
  14. @mislav

    Only deserialize number in `data()` if it doesn't change its string

    mislav authored
    This fixes large, unsafe integers to be deserialized as numbers and thus
    their value broken because of overflow.
    This reverts #865 because it was a wrong direction to go in. The test
    assertion was broken in the first place because it used an unsafely
    large integer to begin with.
  15. @mislav

    Merge branch 'fx-callback-delay'

    mislav authored
    Closes #1040
  16. @mislav

    Improve fx delay test to verify callback

    mislav authored
    Before, the fallback callback emulated via setTimeout would fire first
    because it didn't account for delay. Now that this is fixed, ensure that
    it doesn't regress again.
  17. @cnwander @mislav

    Account for delay when emulating an animation callback

    cnwander authored mislav committed
  18. @mislav

    Without ie-module css() on empty selection causes type error in Firefox

    Fabian Loewner authored mislav committed
    Firefox (like IE) throws an error, if window.getComputedStyle is called with
    an invalid argument.
    getComputedStyle was called, before the argument was checked. This caused an
    error,if css() was called on an empty selection.
    Fixes #1023, closes #1025
  19. @mislav

    Merge pull request #1036 from ohnnyj/fragment-context

    mislav authored
    DocumentFragment / Shadow DOM as $ Context
    Fixes #1034
  20. @mislav

    Merge branch 'find-falsey'

    mislav authored
    References #959
  21. @mislav
  22. @mislav

    Introduce `assertZeptoCollection` to verify object is not a plain Array

    mislav authored
    We often use `assertLength` for checking whether a Zepto collection of
    proper size was returned, but in some test a plain Array could also pass
    that check. Use `assertZeptoCollection` in places where an object is
    only subjected to a `assertLength` check but not any other tests.
  23. @mislav

    Merge branch 'firefox-os'

    mislav authored
  24. @mislav
  25. @mislav

    Merge pull request #1046 from mastahyeti/better_crossDomain_check

    mislav authored
    Use an anchor tag for parsing URLs instead of a regex
  26. @mastahyeti

    separate tests

    mastahyeti authored
  27. @mastahyeti
Commits on Dec 10, 2014
  1. @mastahyeti
Commits on Dec 1, 2014
  1. @mislav

    Merge pull request #1043 from altbdoor/master

    mislav authored
    fix removeAttr to remove space separated list
    Fixes #1041
  2. @altbdoor
Commits on Nov 28, 2014
  1. @mislav

    Merge pull request #1026 from zaywut/no__proto__

    mislav authored
    Remove __proto__ use from zepto.
Commits on Nov 11, 2014
  1. @ohnnyj
  2. @ohnnyj

    document fragment fix for safari, comments

    ohnnyj authored
    - Safari 8 DocumentFragment does not have getElementById, other browsers do
  3. @ohnnyj

    $ fragment/shadow dom tests

    ohnnyj authored
    - document fragments requires special handing w/o getElementsByClassName/TagName
  4. @ohnnyj
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