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Oct 26, 2010
jQuery-like load functionality with built-in response html parsing by…
… selector - a peice I will be using as I implement Zepto and I assume others might need it aslo
added testing logic for new load function 1166d1b
Thomas Fuchs be vim friendly 145959e
Thomas Fuchs Add $.load for ajax loading of pages and page fragments 35dc2a1
Thomas Fuchs Add .is() 618031a
Thomas Fuchs Mention .load in README ee119a8
Thomas Fuchs add $.os object for environmental info be6ae85
Oct 27, 2010
Mathias Bynens Some minor fixes and optimizations in the HTML used for the tests. c1fe3cc
Oct 28, 2010
Thomas Fuchs ignore dist dir 767196e
Oct 29, 2010
Thomas Fuchs Switch to inheritance-based extension mechansim 58d07dc
Thomas Fuchs add test for extending existing Zepto objects with plugins 0795ae3
Thomas Fuchs use a local undefined variable instead of void 0 comparision, better …
…compression and faster
Radoslav Stankov remove the dom local variable and use short if for $ function d69553a
Nov 01, 2010
Juan Ignacio Dopazo Shouldn't touch events be binded instead of accessing them as a prope…
Thomas Fuchs Add .ready function; use .bind for touch event internals da45d7f
Thomas Fuchs Version 0.1.1 1d4217e
Nov 11, 2010
Thomas Fuchs Fix wrong check in $.fn.load a8ca021
Thomas Fuchs Use cached document in $ and ready and add tests db6e331
Thomas Fuchs Fix that this points to the element in delegate and live handlers 89de318
Nov 15, 2010
Jakub Nešetřil Added data payload support to $.post and $.ajax 30f519c
Nov 24, 2010
Fixed ajax.js tests (were failing on same origin policy) e7299c3
Made $.post jQuery-compatible and added tests for it f178646
Nov 30, 2010
Sam Stephenson Shorten UA-matching regexes 0fbf7c3
Sam Stephenson Add $.browser for compatibility ae36734
Sam Stephenson Add $.fn.text e3737aa
Sam Stephenson Treat $(window) as an element for now e986782
Sam Stephenson Add $.qsa, $.event.add, $.event.remove, and $.fn.unbind 7f62c00
Sam Stephenson Document text and unbind d0e4815
Dec 01, 2010
Thomas Fuchs prep v0.2 6509a74
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