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Dec 18, 2010
Drew LeSueur adjacency methods (append, prepend, before, after) can now take a Zep…
…to object as the parameter
Drew LeSueur added tests d5fc9c3
Dec 19, 2010
Drew LeSueur Adjacency methods work if Zepto object contains more than one element…
…. Test included.
Dec 20, 2010
mipearson Merge JSONP support by deepsweet in to latest version of ajax.js 0393df0
Dec 22, 2010
Thomas Fuchs modify test so it runs locally faa2ebd
Dec 24, 2010
Oliver Schrenk Removed conflict marker a64a509
Dec 28, 2010
Mislav Marohnić add `length` property and `fn.size()` method
Also remove usage of `this.dom.length` and `get().length`
Mislav Marohnić change `first()` and `last()` to return a new Zepto object instead of…
… mutating
Mislav Marohnić remove `fn.compact()` method
It's useless. There is no way a Zepto collection can contain
`null` or `undefined` in the first place.
Mislav Marohnić fix `fn.closest()` and add context argument
old implementation started from the parent, while the correct
implementation should start from the current element
Mislav Marohnić optimize `fn.find()` 4eca863
Mislav Marohnić add `fn.parent()` method 784de34
Mislav Marohnić add `fn.parents()` method 329dda9
Mislav Marohnić changed `fn.each()` to execute callback in scope of current element
Also swap arguments: index is first, element second.
This matches jQuery's `each()`
Thomas Fuchs whitespace is our enemy d4d51fe
Jan 01, 2011
Parker Selbert Add `fn.eq()` method
Chainable in situations where `$(something.get(n))` won't work.
Jan 07, 2011
Really basic support for a JQuery-like val() method. fe781ad
Jan 11, 2011
JQuery equivalent removeAttr method. d576f13
Jan 12, 2011
Paul Panserrieu Add blackberry detection in $.os 441c42b
Thomas Fuchs Merge branch 'master' of into soren…
Jan 18, 2011
Thomas Fuchs Merge branch 'master' of into playup-…
Thomas Fuchs whitespace d92e43d
Jan 21, 2011
Thomas Fuchs fix array reverse, cleanups 04ff9c0
Thomas Fuchs allow function argument to html 890dc03
Thomas Fuchs make .attr take a function as second argument 1ff401a
Thomas Fuchs v0.4 35f2632
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