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iOS native scrolling throws error #630

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TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'callback.apply')

function add(element, events, fn, selector, getDelegate, capture){
  capture = !!capture
  var id = zid(element), set = (handlers[id] || (handlers[id] = []))
  eachEvent(events, fn, function(event, fn){
    var delegate = getDelegate && getDelegate(fn, event),
      callback = delegate || fn
    var proxyfn = function (event) {
      var result = callback.apply(element, [event].concat( // this line fails
      if (result === false) event.preventDefault()
      return result
    var handler = $.extend(parse(event), {fn: fn, proxy: proxyfn, sel: selector, del: delegate, i: set.length})
    element.addEventListener(handler.e, proxyfn, capture)

This lacks info. Can you help us reproduce this by creating a JSfiddle that demonstrates the bug on a touch device?


Closing due to lack of info. Please comment on this issue if you have more information, such as version and modules of Zepto used, and iOS version.

@mislav mislav closed this
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