the tap event works not well on the samsung Galaxy SIII #684

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the tap event works very well on the iphone or some cellphones based on android system ,but it works not very well on Galaxy SIII.,many time i touch the screen and it has not response,i bind the touchstart event on a dom element on the Galaxy,and it has response,how strange!


Hi there! We can only help with bug reports that can be be reliably repeated. For this, we need 1) the results of running the test suite on a Galaxy SIII, and 2) a manual test case that is as simple as possible so we can find and isolate the issue.


i found that the touchstart,touchmove,touchend events works very well in the Galaxy,but when i add the zepto.js to my project,the touchend event worked not very well,only i touched the screen would my app had reflection,but when my finger swipe on the screen for a distance,it did not work.

alert("touchend fired")},false);


zepto.js works well on iphone and android 2.3



I can confirm I have problems with the tap event on the Galaxy S2 and S3.

It works correctly if the element being tapped is at the top of the document, but once the page has been scrolled down, elements that weren't in the original viewport cannot be tapped. Other Android phones (from 2.3 to 4.2) handle it just fine.

Can anyone confirm this behaviour? My current workaround is to replace on('tap') with on('click') for Android 4.0.x.


Can someone please set up a test page or 2 somewhere that they think doesn't work on Galaxies?


Also, which browser are you using, the stock Android browser? Does the Galaxy come with a different browser? What is the UA string?


Closing stale ticket, because requested information was not provided.

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