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Lack of "Intelligent Guess" of Content-Type in Ajax Response #693

joemccann opened this Issue · 6 comments

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By no means am I suggesting you should have an intelligent guess like jQuery, but while testing for deltas when falling back to jQuery, I noticed the following issue:

$.post('/signup', $signupForm.serialize(), function(resp){

  // This is a weird delta between zepto and jquery...
  var r = (typeof resp === 'string') ? JSON.parse(resp) : resp



Now, I dug into the jQuery source to see what they are doing and they are checking the content-type header in the response to "guess intelligently" as to the typeof response. I checked the zepto ajax code and wasn't sure the best way of patching it so I figured I'd rather at least mention the issue here to possibly start a discussion around whether this makes sense to add to zepto or not.


I'm not sure which feature are you missing in Zepto? If dataType for the request was "json", or the response Content-Type is "application/json", Zepto does JSON.parse automatically.

It might be that your server is returning JSON responses with a type other than "application/json". In that case, use this form:

$.post('/signup', $signupForm.serialize(), function(resp){...}, "json")
@mislav mislav closed this

The type is certainly application/json. Bizarre.


This is definitely a bug with $.post (not with $.ajax). The "relevant test" linked above only tests against the ajax() method directly which leaves the dataType as NULL and allows the mimeToDataType method to be called on this line:

      dataType = dataType || mimeToDataType(settings.mimeType || xhr.getResponseHeader('content-type'))

However, when using $.post() and not defining the 4th parameter, dataType gets defined as the success callback so "dataType || mimetoDataType" results in dataType again still being the callback and then the dataType == 'json' condition never gets met and the response remains a string.

This can be easily worked around, but, I think it is important to note that this is not how jQuery works. When the 4th parameter is missing in jQuery the success callback gets assigned to the dataType, but I guess they handle it differently when checking the dataType because calling the exact same service with the same parameters, jQuery will return an object while Zepto returns a string.

Anyway, hopefully that's enough information for this issue to be properly listed as a bug.

If posting this here doesn't get viewed and re-open the issue, I'll post it as a new issue...just didn't want to create something new if I didn't have to.

@mislav mislav referenced this issue from a commit
@mislav mislav Fix automatic parsing of JSON responses in `$.get/post`
Due to a bug in `parseArguments`, `dataType` would never be null, even
when not passed as an argument, and therefore content-type–based
processing would never kick in.

Fixes #693

@joemccann Whoops, seems like you were right. Our tests didn't catch this particular usage, and as @kevinknelson points out, this was indeed broken. I just fixed this in master.


Thanks @kevinknelson for the explanation of the bug :heart:

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