animate{ height:'auto' } issue with firefox 19.0 #712

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the callback will not fire in firefox 19,but works fine in chrome 24.0.1312.57 m

$('a').click(function() {
    },1000,'ease out',function() {
        $('#y').text('callback fires');

check the demo here

It doesn't really make sense to animate height to auto. It just so happens that the way the transition is applied in Chrome animates it to 0, which is probably not the intended affect anyway, right?


AliMD commented Mar 8, 2013

zepto just set height:'auto' and transition in css
this is a browser level bug and not related to zepto

you can calc height and replace auto by that


AliMD commented Mar 8, 2013

height:auto work like height:0px for me !
I don't understand why this happened in chrome too with pure css3 !!!

tested in chrome 26 canary and 25 stable osx


miketaylr commented Oct 23, 2013

This isn't a Zepto bug really, but a browser-level bug. You can track the bug for Firefox to fix this over at but it seems like it's more of an undefined spec issue.


madrobby commented Nov 24, 2013

Closing as it's a browser bug.

@madrobby madrobby closed this Nov 24, 2013

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