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contents() on iframes does return iframe contents #821

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When running contents() on iframe in jQuery, it returns all iframe contents.

When running contents() in Zepto, does not return anything.

Here's a quick fiddle with Zepto:

Here's a quick fiddle with jQuery:


Simple fix should be to change the $.fn.contents function to the following:

return { return this.contentDocument || })
@woollybogger woollybogger referenced this issue from a commit in woollybogger/Firebolt
@woollybogger woollybogger Fixed bug when calling .contents() on iframes
Details in Zepto bug report: madrobby/zepto#821

:cactus: :+1: Are there any plans to fix this?


Sorry this had gone unaddressed.

Does anyone care to submit a PR?

@mislav mislav added the Bug label

fwiw, the example suggested by @charsleysa definitely fixed the issue (on chrome at least). For IE7< support x.contentWindow || x.contentDocument is required (although not for zepto obviously).


Hi @mislav, @CarsonBanov

I can't figure out how to properly test if it is working. For now, this is what I have in mind.

testIframeContents: function(t){
  var el = $("#contentsIframeTest")
  t.assertEqual("foo", el.contents().find("html").text())

Is it reliable enough for a test?

I have settled with the default test for iframes so that it plays nice with other iframe tests.

testIframeContents: function(t){
  var el = $("#contentsIframeTest")
  t.assertEqual("Hello from iframe!", el.contents().find("b").first().text())
@altbdoor altbdoor referenced this issue from a commit in altbdoor/zepto
@altbdoor altbdoor return contentDocument on iframe contents #821 76ab3ce
@mislav mislav closed this in f2a4b6c
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