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The delegate function is not supported in the QQBrowser/safari of iphone 4 #876

feibinyang opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I test that the delegate function is not supported in the QQBrowser/safari of iphone 4.Event it's deprecated,but i think that will be better if it is fixed.Thanks.
For now, i fixed the bug by using the on function,bug the binding function did nothing.
For example:
$(el).on('click', function(evt){}); Just like this, then the delegate's function could be trigged.


Thansk for reporting! I don't know much about QQBrowser, but it seems it's a browser on the Symbian platform. Is this correct? I don't think we support it, though, unless it's WebKit-based. I'm not able to find much technical information on it.

I'm more interested in the iPhone 4 failure. Which iOS version do you have installed? We tested on iOS 6 and 7. Can you share with us the piece of code that fails? Can you explain your issue in more detail?


It's popular mobile browser in china, and It's based on webkit.
here is the website.
by the way, this browser has some bug in every version, for example deviceMotion do not work correct in recently versions.


@hkongm Thanks for the link and explanation. Unfortunately, without a Symbian device I cannot test Zepto on it. It would be great if someone who had one ran our tests and reported us what the failures are, and help us debug it.

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