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$.proxy missing arguments #882

noelboss opened this Issue Dec 11, 2013 · 2 comments

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I wanted to make my jQuery Plugin Zepot-Capable. I use proxy frequently and jQuery supports arguments to be forwarded to a proxied method;

jQuery.proxy( function, context [, additionalArguments ] )

Zepto doesn't.

mislav commented Dec 11, 2013

Thanks for reporting! We'll try to add that.

@wiebl wiebl pushed a commit to wiebl/zepto that referenced this issue Jan 5, 2014
Michiel van Roon $.proxy now accepts arguments. Fixes #882
Example: $.proxy(myFunction, myClass, argument1, argument2)

Tested on Chrome and Firefox using the following code:

var ContextTest = function() {},
    say = function(message1, message2, message3) {
    console.log('context should be ContextTest:', this, 'first argument:', message1, 'second argument:', message2, 'third argument:', message3);
newContextTest = new ContextTest()

$(document).on('ready', $.proxy(say, newContextTest, 'this is the first argument', 'this is the second argument', 'this is the third argument'));
wiebl commented Jan 5, 2014

since $.proxy returns a function, you could supply arguments like this:
$.proxy(function, context)(arg1, arg2, arg3)
Now you can also put the arguments inside the call:
$.proxy( function, context [, additionalArguments ] )
Which is more consistent with jQuery. However using both methods together will result in $.proxy only using the arguments you supplied in the call, is this acceptable?
$.proxy(function, context, arg1, arg2)(arg3, arg4) only uses arg1 and arg2

@mislav mislav added a commit that closed this issue Jul 7, 2014
Michiel van Roon `$.proxy` now accepts additional arguments

  var fn = $.proxy(myFunction, contextObject, argument1, argument2)

Fixes #882
@mislav mislav closed this in 5704657 Jul 7, 2014
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