Including a parameter to allow events to be caught in the capturing phase #94

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Could bind support event capturing thus:

$("#elementId").bind("click", callbackFunctionName, true);

Where "true" means "use capturing" please?

Looking at the source code event listeners are always added with useCapturing set to false:

element.addEventListener(handler.e, delegate || fn, false);


Supporting something like this would be great, we'd need to find a way not to break jQuery's API tho (afaik jQuery doesn't support this at all).

@mislav mislav was assigned Apr 7, 2012

You can setup capture if you call zepto's semi-private add() method:

$.event.add(node, events, fn, selector, getDelegate, capture)

Closing stale ticket. Feel free to reopen, especially if there's new information or a proposed patch.

@madrobby madrobby closed this Sep 4, 2013
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