Support withCredentials for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing #313

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bhoule commented Nov 17, 2011

Without this flag, cookies are not included on CORS requests.

elsigh commented Nov 18, 2011

You can do this with:

$.ajaxSettings.beforeSend = function(xhr) {
  // see
  xhr.withCredentials = true;  // TODO(elsigh): Do this in zepto w/ xhrFields.

I opened the same bug but closed it because no one seemed to want it. I also believe there's another way coming in newer versions that will be nice(r).

@bhoule bhoule closed this Jan 20, 2012
kud commented Feb 1, 2013

Oh come on. I spent like 2 hours to understand what was happenning. Please, support jQuery style on Zepto; thank you.


Hi. I also have question about this feature. Is there any method to solve this Issue?

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