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I was planning to do something similar but yesterday I saw that you were also starting to do it I decided to fork-it since you already had some features I had nothing but ideas :P ... after a couple hours I decided to change a lot the structure but keeping basically the same API (besides "live" that I've switched to "delegate")

I'm not sure what are your main goals and if they are kind similar to mine and specially if you want to change the whole structure but maybe there is something on my code that you can use...

I should keep adding new features on a need-basis but I don't have plans to add a lot of features (specially because I don't think that we should rely on JS for mobile development) but also because my idea is to use this framework only when it is really required and only if the browser supports it, but there is still some feature missing that I would like to have and didn't had time to implement (closest or parents, wrap)...

PS: I really believe that this framework should be used only as a progressive enhancement since many devices doesn't support the required features or even basic JS.


millermedeiros added some commits Sep 22, 2010
@millermedeiros millermedeiros changed whole zepto object and folder structure to make it more organ…
…ized, improved README, added build task, inline documentation and a couple new features.
@millermedeiros millermedeiros added `zepto.fn` to allow easy plugin development;
switched helpers from prototype to static methods;
changed unit test to use updated syntax - using `.each()` instead of passing function to constructor;
@millermedeiros millermedeiros improved README structure. dedff8a

changed "live" to "delegate" to avoid bubling the event further than necessary.

I didn't had time to implement "undelegate" yet but I think that it will increase the file size significantly based on the amount of logic involved.


exposed zepto.ajax and added error callback support.

maybe remove aliases get and post to reduce file size since it isn't that hard to type 'GET', 'POST'..



My main goal is to keep it small and simple, which for me implies there's no need for a build process at all (at least for now). I'll probably look at your extensions from time to time and may borrow some things if you're ok with that! :)



Sure man, feel free to borrow anything.. I've borrowed a couple of yours too :)

I will keep improving it based on my needs but I'm not sure how far I will get, I even thought on implementing the whole jQuery public API sometime, although I think it is going to be a huge overhead, not really necessary and an insane amount of work for a single person working only a couple hours a week on it and with other priorities in mind... but depending on how we code it and if the whole website JS file is compressed at once using google closure compiler advanced settings it can easily remove unused code, so we could have access to the full API but also keeping a small deploy file size...

Depending on how different the code might end up I will break it into a different project name but keeping reference that it was originally based on yours, I didn't decided yet what I'll do...


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