Prevent touch module from binding the same events twice, delegate $.parseJSON to JSON.parse #537

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Trying to resolve issues #535 (#535) and #452 (#452)


When does touch.js get loaded twice? Can't you prevent that in user code?


There is no good reason for it to happen, I just saw the open issue and thought it would be an easy way to stop people from shooting themselves in the foot. I meant to make these as two separate pull requests though, sorry.


You don't have to make your contributions separate pull requests. Just make sure they're separate commits, like you did.

In the end I didn't use any of your commits, however. I didn't want to "patch" touch.js getting double-loaded until we decide that's an issue we want to fix, and your $.parseJSON commit was missing tests so I've just did the change myself: 236bd24

@mislav mislav closed this Jul 2, 2012
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