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Some minor `$.ajaxJSONP` optimizations #99

1 commit merged into from Feb 21, 2011

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I noticed $.ajaxJSONP could be optimized, so I went ahead and made some changes. It’s more readable this way (IMHO), but also faster (fact!). Just check out the diff :) Oh, and as a bonus, it’s also smaller in size :)


Original version: 18.342k

Minified: 10.346k

Minified and gzipped: 3.939k, compression factor 4.656


Original version: 18.263k

Minified: 10.304k

Minified and gzipped: 3.924k, compression factor 4.654


Doesn't this create a memory leak again?

Why would this create a memory leak?

Ah, I see now. I’ve made the mistake of editing the latest official Zepto release (linked to from the website) and copy-pasting the changes into the repo; effectively overwriting your changes. Sorry, I really didn’t mean to! Thanks for letting me know, I’ll update my pull request ASAP.

Can't really claim those changes as being mine, but you're welcome anyway ;-)

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