Zepto.js 1.1.5

@mislav mislav released this Dec 11, 2014 · 167 commits to master since this release

Many serialization improvements:

  • Don't serialize form fields without a name attribute
  • Don't try to serialize <input type=file>
  • Fix serializing <select multiple> values
  • Fix serialize()/serializeArray() on empty Zepto collections
  • Serialize null values as empty strings in $.param()
  • Support functions as values in $.param()
  • Only deserialize number from data-* attributes if that doesn't change its string representation

Other fixes:

  • Improve detection of whether an $.ajax request is crossDomain or not
  • Fix find(falsey) to return an empty Zepto collection instead of an empty Array
  • Fix css() on empty Zepto collection causing exceptions when "ie" module is not included
  • Ensure that $.animate completion callback doesn't fire prematurely if the animation is configured with a delay
  • Actually focus() & blur() elements when these events are manually triggered
  • Fix installing auto-cancelling event handlers with shorthands such as submit(false), click(false)
  • Prevent removeClass/addClass from affecting window objects
  • Enable removeAttr to remove space separated list
  • Ensure recognition of Safari on Windows