Zepto.js 1.2.0

@mislav mislav released this Jul 13, 2016 · 8 commits to master since this release

On top of all the bug fixes found in v1.1.7, this release also brings new features and some slightly backwards-incompatible changes made to ensure better parity with jQuery.

Large changes:

  • Eliminate __proto__ use from codebase.
  • Enable AMD-compatible module output. Zepto and $ are still exported to global namespace, even in the case of module loader, to keep compatibility with plugins.

New functionality:

  • Add $.noop
  • Add fn.removeProp()
  • Add $.isNumeric()
  • Add dataFilter ajax option
  • Provide $.data() & $.hasData() in optional "data" module
  • Add Firefox OS detection

jQuery compatibility:

  • Stop falling back to reading properties in fn.attr()
  • Add document fragment/shadow DOM support