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Recent Deep Learning papers in NLU and RL

I think that other people's notes are rarely useful, so I'm listing the interesting for me papers with a few words about the main idea for me to make references in memory.

If you're in such stuff, welcome: papers list.

To keep list size feasible the each year papers are separated to specific file:

I'm not only adding recent papers, but also update lists for previous periods, if I find interesting "old" paper. To keep up with updates, you could follow me on twitter.

Also I've found that, there are some additional materials which are helpful for me or my students, so I've added a new list of miscellaneous articles. It is not sorted in chronological order, only by content type.

To make the tool work you need Table-of-Content creation tool, which is integrated with this software; you only need wget available for download. This tool has an option of twitter integration, which need to be installed and configured before usage. The tool was tested to work on Ubuntu Linux 16.04 & MacOS X 10.6; it should work on newer versions of these operating systems.



Table of Contents

I'm using toc maker from Eugeny Kalinin, it is very useful, thank to him for this tool.

Twitter integration

For twitting I'm using the perfect "t". It is really elegant and simple to use.


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