A Lift based web application. It's a dictionary of Functional Programming terms.
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Functional Dictionary - A Lift based application

This is a Lift based web application. It's a dictionary of Functional Programming terms where each term can have multiple descriptions. The users can add new terms or descriptions to existing terms. They can also vote on the descriptions so the best ones shows up first.

The purpose of this app is to show people a working Lift based application with a simple purpose. The source code is full of links to the chapters in Simply Lift that describe how specific things work in detail. So if you're new to Lift and want to get a general idea of what a Lift application looks like then take a look around.

Another great example of a fully functional Lift application is the The ubiquitous chat app.

To check out a live version of the master branch here. For more information about Lift look [here](http://www.liftweb.net/ "here).


The application shows how to do the following in Lift

  • Create a strctured menu
  • Create a page
  • Create forms and process data
  • Create comet components - parts that update dynamically when new data is available. (try opening an entry with two browsers and vote the descriptions up and down)

These are the folder you probably want to look at:

Don't know where to start? Here are some Scala files you might want to look at:

  • Boot is the class that Lift runs upon booting your application. It defines the menu structure and other configuration related stuff.
  • EntryServer is the class which stores all of the entries in the dictionary. It simply stores the entries in the RAM to simplify the example.
  • EntryComet is the class that displays a single entry. It's a CometActor. If another user adds a new description to the entry or votes on any of the existing ones it will update dynamically.
  • EntrySnippet is the class that displays and processes the form.

How to run it

You don't HAVE to actually run the application, you can just browse the code here on Github and browse the live application here but if you really want to run it locally, here's how:

You need to have SBT 0.7.x installed. Then simply run

> git clone git://github.com/mads379/Functional-Dictionary.git functional-dictionary
> cd functional-dictionary
> sbt
> update
> jetty-run