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SBT Plugin examples

This was prepared for a talk on developing SBT Plugin I gave at PHASE meeting one time in january 2012. The presentation is here.

The following project contains three plugins

  • A plugin that provides a command
  • A plugin that provides some settings
  • a plugin that provides a command with tab completion!

The playground project shows a convenient way to depend on your plugin locally so you get a fast turn-around in development when you just want to try out the plugin without having to publish it etc. you simply just make the changes to want to your plugin and then run reload in the playground project.

cd into the playground project and start an SBT shell:

# run the command from the command plugin
> hello 
# run the task in the settings plugin 
> new-task
# have some fun with the setting and run it again
> set newSetting := "Hi PHASE!!!"
> new-task
# play with the tab-completion (try pressing tab all the time)
> ask-phase brian would you like to buy mads a beer?