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import sublime, sublime_plugin, os
class ListTabsCommand(sublime_plugin.WindowCommand):
Shows a quick panel with all of the open tabs.
I personally don't like showing the sidebar or
tabs so I use this to navigate open files or get
a quick overview of what I have open on-demand when
I need it.
Open the sublime console and write the following
to try it out.
# Keeps a stack of the most recent visited views for each window
# i.e. it's a Map from Windows to a Stack of views.
stack_map = {}
def description():
"Navigate to open tabs."
def run(self):
# The views that are open in this group
views = self.window.views_in_group(self.window.active_group())
# Re-arrange them such that the most recent one is on top.
if len(self.stack_for_window()) > 0:
recent = self.stack_for_window().pop()
f = lambda x: self.name_for_view(x) != self.name_for_view(recent)
views = [recent] + filter(f, views)
def callback(index):
if index != -1:
def itm(v):
if v.file_name() == None:
return [self.name_for_view(v), "Unsaved document"]
return [self.name_for_view(v), v.file_name()]
open_files = [ itm(v) for v in views]
self.window.show_quick_panel(open_files, callback)
def name_for_view(self, v):
"""Given a view, create a string used as display name for
that view. """
if v.file_name() == None:
return "untitled-" + str(
return os.path.split(v.file_name())[1]
def stack_for_window(self):
"""Returns the stack of views for the current window."""
stack = ListTabsCommand.stack_map.get(self.window)
if stack == None:
stack = []
ListTabsCommand.stack_map.setdefault(self.window, stack)
return stack
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