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A multiplayer (no AI) chess game implemented using the Opa Programming Language

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Opachess is a multiplayer (no AI) chess game implemented using the Opa Programming Language. This is my (Mads Hartmann Jensen) entry to the Opa Developer Competition.

NOTE: For some reason moving the chess pieces doesn't work in Firefox but it works in Safari/Chrome. My guess is that this is due to a bug in Opa.

Compilation Instructions

I used Opa compiler (c) MLstate -- version S3.5 -- build 683 to build this. Simply 'cd' into the project root and run

make run 

Now point your browser to 'localhost:8080/signup' to create your account. You'll need two different browsers if you're going to play on the same machine.

Once you've created your account you can see your profile at localhost:8080/user/{username}

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