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Course in developing applications
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Web App Course

This is the course-material for facilitating building modern applications using web-technologies


Many people are sitting around having great ideas but are unable to realize them. Some use hours trying to get a technical person on board. Many of these apps are relatively easy to build with a minimal knowledge of modern technologies and methods for building apps.


The participants of the course are not to have any technical knowledge, the requirement is that they have an idea, or are able to quickly develop one, that they want to implement as an app.


The course consists of the following 5 parts:

###Introduction This is a short introduction to the technologies the course will cover:

Overall Learning Goals:

  • Construct a basic structure of application
  • Be able to write basic HTML and CSS
  • Knowledge of application structure and Git
  • Modify JavaScript
  • Use markdown

###Git and Frameworks Administrating your code, sharing it amongst the working parts and an introduction to the framework you are going to build your app with.

Overall Learning Goals:

  • Be able to use git for code sharing.
  • Tell apart different types of frameworks

###User interaction Designing the client part. Defining views, deciding on menu structure and setting up static pages.

Overall Learning Goals

  • Modify existing template code
  • Making the template code work with the underlaying framework

###Business logic Making sure all the bits and pieces are correctly connected. Ensuring that the app does what it is supposed to do. An introduction to test automation.

Overall Learning Goals

  • Implement functionality through JavaScript.

###Deployment Putting the now working app online. After the struggles with making it work with the hosting provider, we will hopefully pop a bottle.

Overall Learning Goals

  • Basic testing
  • Pushing the code to a PaaS


The course takes offset in individual projects. This means that the first time has the very important object of letting the facilitator know what the individual projects consist of.

The facilitator will for second course session pair each project with the needed framework to ensure ease in development.

Session evaluation

All sessions have an evaluation part. The main objective is:

Reflections on the outcome of the session.


All sessions, except the last one, have a section for refining a gameplan. Sessions should be initiated by handing out a gameplan, which sets up a frame for acquiring the curriculum of the week.

The overall vision of the gameplan is not stated every time. It is as follows:

Create a working minimal implementation of a given project.
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