A nice and neat library for playing MP3s on your Arduino using Sparkfun's MP3 Player Shield
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Arduino VS1053 Library

The Arduino SFEMP3Shield Library is a real time non-blocking interrupt driven library for VSLI's VS10xx. (e.i. VS1053), implemented as a Slave co-processor to audio decode streams of Ogg Vorbis/MP3/AAC/WMA/FLAC/WAVMIDI formats, across the SPI bus of the Arduino. Principally this library is developed for the VS1053. where it may be compatible with other VS10xx's

Initially developed on a ATmega328 Arduino UNO/Duemilanove with a SparkFun MP3 Player Shield, additional support has been provided for Seeduino MP3 Player Shield. Documentation is provided as to how to implement this, along with Arduino Mega and other home grown designs. Where this driver is modular in concept to allow ready porting to other Arduino or Wiring platforms.

Support & Trouble shooting.

Extensive support can be found at GitHub project page along with trouble shooting of common problems. As the code has been written with plenty of insightful comments, describing key components, features and reasoning’s in Doxygen markdown style as to directly auto generate html supporting documentation. Which can be found at GitHub project page . Please read through this document and referring linked resources. As it contains additional resources.