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Bugfix from Sophie Hamilton: call tzset() when changing timezones.
Bugfix: bail out of tests cleanly when tzset doesn't work.
Bugfix: make sure $ampm is defined so no undefined string warnings
are issued.
Honor the GMT flag when parsing time specs. Patch from
kris at
Bugfix: RT#31477 noon & midnight would match in the middle of strings.
Added %v conversion for Time::CTime
Added tests to disprove invalid bug reports.
A bugfix for negative offsets that overflowed (from Vernon Lyon
<vlyon at>)
Add a few more timezones (from Peter Ludemann <ludemann at>
and Alex Bowley <kilinrax at>)
Recognize fractional times counts like "1.5 minutes ago"
(from Simon Wistow <>)
Recognize Dow "before last" (from Ole Craig <ocraig at>)
Change various __DATA__ to __END__ (from Nick Ing-Simmons
<nick at>)
Various folks have complained that JulianDay isn't correct. An
errata section has been added to the documentation.
Mark Ivey <> add '@' as a synonym for 'at'.
Fixed typos.
Bryan Henderson <> sent in a patch to
allow NOW => 0 so that ParseDate can be used to parse relative
times. sent in a patch adding a bit of ISO 8601
David Alban <> doesn't like allowing the
hour 24:00. I agree. Gone if you have VALIDATE=>1.
Still to be done: the support the large number of ISO 8601
date formats:
Mike Cramer <> sent a patch to Timezone to
handle changes in $ENV{TZ}.
Rani Pinchuk <> sent in a definition for the
CEST timezone.
On's behalf the timezone 'MET DST' is now
No real changes, just added a license.
Paul Zimmer <> found that '7/17/01' with
PREFER_FUTURE failed badly. Fixed. This was also submitted
by Dana Burd <>.
Ben Daglish <> noted that array context
was implying WHOLE and DATE_REQUIRED. Fixed.
Streppone Cosimo <> requested support for
postgresql's date format ("dd/mm/yyyy hh:mn:ss +tzo")
Ameeth Linus Daniel <> found that IST wasn't
a defined timezone. I've defined it as +0530, but I'm not
positive that's correct.
Gautam Tripathi <> sent in a fix for
timezone offset calculations making them consistent across
all systems (no more problems with differing interpretations
of negative modulus operations).
Mike Nerone <> requested the syntax
"4 days ago". He says that that syntax is suppored by
GNU date. This was also requested by Townsend, John E.
Anton Berezin <> notice that ParseDate
couldn't handle "Sunday, 06-Nov-94 08:49:37 GMT" and sent
in a patch.
W. Phillip Moore <> reproted a Y2K bug: it could
not parse 'Jan 1 2000 10:30:30AM'. Fixed. This is embarassing
beasue <> sent in a patch Dec 9th!
Allen Smith <> noticed that VALIDATE
wouldn't accept hours > 0...
Hugh C Kennedy <> contributed patches to
parse months like `Jan.' in additon to `Jan' and `January'.
Randy Kobes <> sent in a fix for that allows all tests to pass on MSWin32.
Eric Prestemon <> noticed that %y would print
"0" in 2000, not "00" as it should. Fixed.
Parsedate() now checks for wantarray() and returns what remains of
its input when called from array context.
Added another parsing option: VALIDATE. When VALIDATE is set,
silly values for hours, months, etc will be rejected. Like the
32nd of December will no longer be new years day.
Optionally return fractional seconds from ParseDate (including
the SYBASE formatted ones). Provide for printing fractional
seconds in CTime. Changes from Douglas Wegscheid
More attempts to support systems whose time function isn't
centered around Jan 1, 1970 midnight GMT.
Fixed a couple of compiler warnings. Did extensive testing with
dates beyond 2000 and before 1970. Quite a few code changes.
Old code would have worked in many > 2000 cases but broke
terribly for dates < 1970.
New code should work until year 10k. Well, there's one problem:
unix time format is only 32 bits, signed.
Slight change to avoid an "Use of uninitialized value" error
pointed out by Mike Coffin <mhc@Eng.Sun.COM>.
It turns out that Sybase emits time values like "3:09:59:000PM". The
last three digits are milliseconds. Such times are now recognized
but the milliseconds are ignored. Change requested by
ryanmcleish <>.
Corrected the documenation on strftime conversions for %d and %e. The
code and the documentation now agree:
%d - 01 to 31
%e - 1 to 31
Minor bugfix: didn't recognize 5/18/1998.
Fix a 5.004 warning.
Add support for "June 4, 1997"
Added support for negative relative times.
Bugfix: "now" by itself was ignored.
Bugfix: could not combine "now" with time offsets (only date offsets)
Added support for "TZN
This is the first release to use the Makefile.PL
packaging. There are many changes with repect to
previous releases. All modules now running with -w and
use strict. should be faster core logic changed, more dates parsed.
datetime.t: more tests ripped out tzset code and replaced it
with code from Graham Barr <>
Patch for UK-style dates: Sam Yates <>
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