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Revision history for Perl extension PostScript::File.
2.20 February 11, 2012
API improvements:
- Added use_functions method, which selects functions from a
library provided by new module PostScript::File::Functions.
- Added set_min_langlevel method
- Added all_comments strip type
- Renamed methods add_function, get_functions, & has_function
to add_procset, get_procsets, & has_procset. The old names
are still available for backwards compatibility, but their
use is deprecated.
- Multi-line string literals are now protected from
comment/whitespace stripping.
- Fixed bug: add_preview might strip the preview
- Fixed bug: check_tilde treated "0" like the empty string
- Private methods bbox_comment, pre_pages, post_pages, &
print_file were renamed. You shouldn't have been using them
- The get_ordinal method is now private. While it was
formerly documented, it unnecessarily exposed the internals
and had no real use.
- The documentation has been cleaned up.
2.11 October 11, 2011
Improvements to word wrapping provided by Metrics objects:
- Added optional \%param to wrap method
- Added set_wrap_chars method
- You can now use ZERO WIDTH SPACE (U+200B) to allow breaking
a line at any point.
- Fixed bug: wrap method didn't wrap after hyphens.
By default, it now wraps after hyphens, dashes, and forward
- Word wrapping now has tests
2.10 May 5, 2011
API improvements:
- You can pass "newpage => 0" to the constructor to prevent it
from creating the first page. This leads to more natural
loops, because you call newpage before each page (instead of
"before each page except the first").
- Added get_printable_width, get_printable_height,
get_page_printable_width, & get_page_printable_height methods
- Fixed bug: clipping never actually worked
- Fixed bug: errx parameter was not handled correctly in new
- Documentation fixes
2.02 December 24, 2010
- Revised the rules for hyphen-minus processing:
If it's preceded by punctuation and followed by a digit, or
it's followed by a currency symbol, it's a minus sign (U+2212).
- Clean up use of eval and properly localize $@
2.01 March 3, 2010
- The metrics for the cp1252 encoding did not reflect the
accents mapped to control characters (but those characters
are not normally used, anyway).
- Fixed some warnings in the test suite
- Version 2.00 actually needs Encode 2.21, but only specified 2.12
2.00 February 26, 2010
- Numerous API changes, mostly minor, but there could be
problems with backwards compatibility.
- Changed ISOLatin1Encoding to match PostScript's
The HYPHEN-MINUS (\x2D) is now /minus instead of /hyphen.
Use SOFT-HYPHEN (\xAD) to get a proper hyphen.
Made the same change to Win1252Encoding (cp1252).
Please read Hyphens and Minus Signs in PostScript::File for details.
- Added auto_hyphen attribute with get/set methods
- Added need_fonts attribute
- Added as_string, embed_font, need_resource, & testable_output methods
- add_resource accepts all DSC 3.0 resource types,
but no longer accepts generic 'Resource' type
- Reencode fonts added using embed_font or add_resource
- Added PostScript::File::Metrics, which includes the metrics
for the standard PostScript fonts. No more trying to
configure Font::AFM!!!
- PNG output has been removed. Use PostScript::Convert instead.
- embed_document now handles & removes TIFF, WMF, or EPSI preview
- output accepts an open filehandle as a filename alternative
- Passing undef to output always returns the PostScript as a string
Minor changes in 2.00:
- Don't reencode Symbol; it doesn't use the StandardEncoding.
This is not backwards compatible, but I doubt anyone was
using Symbol-iso, as it's not very useful.
- Mapped some control characters as accents in Win1252Encoding,
since the Red Book suggests they are required in langlevel 1
- add_default, add_resource, add_setup, add_page_setup,
add_page_trailer, & add_trailer now append instead of
overwriting previous value
- add_function is now a no-op if has_function returns true
- add_resource uses BeginResource instead of deprecated comments
- get_strip now returns 'none', 'space', or 'comments'
instead of the regular expression being used
- In eps mode, output now returns a list of pages
- Multiple calls to output no longer cause duplicate resources
- Passing a filename to output does not permanently set the filename
- Fonts & resources appear in the document Setup section
instead of the Prolog
- Include a Local Variables section for Emacs in the %%Trailer
describing the file's encoding
1.05 October 29, 2009
- Major change in the way reencode works
Setting it to 'cp1252' or 'iso-8859-1' causes automatic
character set translation from Unicode strings.
- Added cp1252 (Win1252Encoding) support
Most people should now use reencode => 'cp1252',
even if they are not on Windows, to get the best
Unicode support (which is still quite limited).
- When writing to a file, the output method now returns the pathname
- The %%BoundingBox must be integers. If it's not, round up and
also add a %%HiResBoundingBox comment.
- Fixed bug in pstr (wasn't quoting backslashes)
- It's %%PageOrder, not %%Order (and the order should be capitalized)
- Added an examples directory
1.04 October 22, 2009
- add_comment now appends to comments (as originally documented)
(fixes RT#25786)
- Allow WIDTHxHEIGHT as a paper size
- Remove spaces before DSC comments even when strip none
- pstr now wraps strings longer than 240 characters
- strip comments is more aggressive (but won't remove DSC comments)
1.03 October 20, 2009
- Added pstr function/method
- Added embed_document method
- The dir & file parameters to new now actually work
- The file_ext parameter and {get,set}_file_ext methods allow
you to change the way PostScript::File appends an extension
to the output filename
- The PNG output added in 1.01 is now documented
- Using Ghostscript to generate PNG should work on Windows now
- Include resource types in %%DocumentSuppliedResources comment
- Fixed has_function to avoid false positives
- Include procset PostScript_File in %%DocumentSuppliedResources
- PostScript::File now requires Perl 5.8.0 or later
1.02 September 21, 2009
- Now maintained by Christopher J. Madsen
- Stripping leading whitespace now works with Perl 5.10 (RT#49838)
1.01 Wed Aug 27 19:23:26 GMT 2003
support for PNG format from Ghostscript
1.00 Wed May 14 12:05:50 GMT 2003
minor alterations
promoted to beta
licensing changed from Artistic to 'as Perl'
0.13 fix paper size bug
0.10 Wed Nov 20 11:14:30 GMT 2002
1cm borders by default
support for user variables
support for by-page user variables
errors now on by default
db_where, db_on and db_off added to postscript code
corrected usage of db_active
0.09 Mon Nov 11 20:05:59 UTC 2002
corrected version number in test
0.08 Sun Nov 10 10:22:10 GMT 2002
minor changes
Correct attribution to Latin1Encoding
0.07 Sun Oct 20 10:56:05 GMT 2002
Namespace changed from PostScript::Graph::File
0.06 Fri Oct 11 11:56:06 GMT 2002
Namespace changed from PostScript::File
0.05 Sun Oct 6 11:23:20 GMT 2002
bugfix: page orientation with gv
0.04 Fri Sep 27 07:35:48 GMT 2002
tidied up v0.03 pod changes
added 'has_function()'
0.03 Tue Sep 24 12:06:21 GMT 2002
bugfix: interaction between debug 2 and custom dicts
added tests
'new' now accepts hash ref as well as hash keys/values
bugfix: only add 1 function set
bugfix: %%Orientation now always shown
pod now makes use of html indexing
0.02 Sun Sep 22 18:18:32 GMT 2002
debug => (not 2) wasn't working. fixed.
restored many functions to new-option only
page_number renamed to page_label
added comment stripping
streamlined packaging
0.01 Sat Sep 21 15:41:55 2002
- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
-X -n PostScript::File
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