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Add test case for words that are too long to break

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1 parent fee93ac commit b2fdea6afd9088c0695de104fa7f450d20a049d0 @madsen committed Oct 23, 1998
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# $Id:,v 0.2 1998/05/14 22:24:03 Madsen Exp $
+# $Id:,v 0.3 1998/10/23 02:56:26 Madsen Exp $
# Before `make install' is performed this script should be runnable with
# `make test'. After `make install' it should work as `perl'
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
# Change 1..1 below to 1..last_test_to_print .
# (It may become useful if the test is moved to ./t subdirectory.)
-BEGIN { $| = 1; print "1..4\n"; }
+BEGIN { $| = 1; print "1..5\n"; }
END {print "not ok 1\n" unless $loaded;}
use Text::Wrapper;
$loaded = 1;
@@ -186,6 +186,174 @@ sub read_data
| that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall
| not perish from the earth.
* (par_start => '> ', body_start => ' | ')
+and seven
+years ago
+forth on
+a new
+in liberty
+to the
+that all
+men are
+Now we are
+engaged in
+a great
+civil war,
+nation or
+any nation
+and so
+can long
+endure. We
+are met on
+a great
+of that
+war. We
+have come
+dedicate a
+portion of
+that field
+as a final
+place for
+those who
+here gave
+lives that
+live. It
+and proper
+that we
+should do
+But in a
+sense, we
+we cannot
+we cannot
+The brave
+living and
+dead who
+here have
+it far
+above our
+poor power
+to add or
+The world
+note nor
+what we
+say here,
+but it can
+what they
+did here.
+It is for
+us the
+rather to
+here to
+work which
+they who
+here have
+thus far
+so nobly
+It is
+rather for
+us to be
+to the
+great task
+from these
+dead we
+to that
+cause for
+which they
+gave the
+last full
+measure of
+that we
+that these
+dead shall
+not have
+died in
+vain, that
+under God
+shall have
+a new
+birth of
+and that
+of the
+people, by
+for the
+shall not
+from the
+* (columns => 10)
* This line marks the end of the test cases
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