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πŸ’»πŸŽΉπŸŽ›πŸ”Š A curated list of SuperCollider stuff
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Awesome SuperColliderAwesome


A curated list of SuperCollider stuff


Learning resources

Written tutorials



Research papers


Quarks, plugins and extensions

Live coding

  • SuperDirt - The sound engine of the TidalCycles pattern language
  • JITLibExtensions - Some extensions to the common JITLib classes
  • ixiLangQt - The ixi lang live coding environment is a simple visual system presenting a high entry-level control over synth definitions and samples in SuperCollider
  • xoxo - Embedded language for SuperCollider
  • INSTRUMENT - This tool is aimed at the creation of musical compositions from scratch, 'on the fly'. INSTRUMENT focuses on musical language: rhythm, harmony, melody, audio processing

Live Performance

  • CuePlayer - A tool for composing and performing real-time and mixed electronic works using SuperCollider.



  • Utopia - Network Music Apps in SuperCollider
  • BenoitLib - Collaborative and synchronized performances
  • OpenObject - Share object contents over the network via osc.


Buffer management

  • PolyBuf - Easily load and access a bunch of audio files into collections of buffers in SuperCollider


  • - A set of tools to build a Stream of Events using symbols and a sort of language in the language


Immersive audio


  • vstplugin – IEM's VST Plugin integration for SuperCollider (and Pure Data)
  • Vowel - Convenience Class for Vowel Creation
  • PitchShiftPA - Phase Aligned pitch shifting


  • CaosPercLib - a Collection of Percussion Classes for SuperCollider
  • CaosBox - a not-so-common LiveCoding/AlgoRave music GUI secuencer/processor for the CaosPercLib
  • f0plugins - chip tune UGens
  • Particular - particle synthesis on a per particle basis (to be used with patterns)


  • wsGUI - User interfaces displayed in a web browser, locally and over the network
  • Automation - Record and playback live GUI activity in supercollider audio synth


  • miSCellaneous_lib - various SuperCollider extensions and tutorials: patterns, fx sequencing, granulation, wave folding, sieves, combined lang and server gui control, live coding, single sample feedback, generalized functional iteration synthesis


  • Synthdefs - Synthdef Pool
  • SynthDefPool β€” a public library of handy SynthDefs
  • SCLOrkSynths β€” Collection of SuperCollider SynthDefs (synth definitions) for use with Patterns


Emulations / clones

  • DX7-SuperCollider - accurate Yamaha DX-7 clone. Programmed in Supercollider
  • Benjolis - Instrument inspired by Rob Hordijk's chaotic Benjolin synth



Physical/embedded computing

  • Prynth - Prynth are programmable sound synthesizers powered by Raspberry Pi
  • supercolliderStandaloneRPI2 - Standalone for Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 with Raspbian Stretch including the full IDE
  • supercolliderStandaloneRPI1 - Standalone for Raspberry Pi 1 or Zero with Raspbian Stretch including the full IDE
  • Bela - Bela is an embedded computing platform for creating responsive interactive applications
  • OpenBCI-SuperCollider - SuperCollider classes for communicating with Open Brain Computer Interface
  • IBVA-BlueVAS-SuperCollider - A SuperCollider class for communicating with the IBVA EEG brain wave measurement headset


Language clients

Livecode interfaces

  • TidalCycles - Haskell based live coding environment for patterns
  • FoxDot – Python based live coding environment running on top of SuperCollider
  • Overtone - Collaborative live coding using Clojure
  • xi - A domain-specific language for live coding musical patterns in Ruby

IDE alternatives


  • - Official SuperCollider forum
  • - A website containing SuperCollider code. Many years worth of good ideas in here.
  • Slack - The SuperCollider Slack
  • Lurk – Livecode chat
  • Mailing list - Official mailing list
  • Telegram - Telegram SuperGroup
  • Telegram ES - Telegram SuperGroup in Spanish
  • Facebook - The SuperCollider facebook group



All contributions welcome!

Read the contribution guidelines first.



To the extent possible under law, Mads Kjeldgaard has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

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