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Add Any File

Download this extension from the VS Marketplace or get the CI build.

A Visual Studio extension for easily adding new files to any project. Simply hit Shift+F2 to create an empty file in the selected folder or in the same folder as the selected file.


  • Easily create any file with any file extension
  • Create files starting with a dot like .gitignore
  • Create deeper folder structures easily if required
  • Create folders when the entered name ends with a /

Add new file dialog

Show the dialog

A new button is added to the context menu in Solution Explorer.

Add new file dialog

You can either click that button or use the keybord shortcut Shift+F2.

Create folders

Create additional folders for your file by using forward-slash to specify the structure.

For example, by typing scripts/test.js in the dialog, the folder scripts is created if it doesn't exist and the file test.js is then placed into it.

Custom templates

Create a .templates folder at the root of your project. The templates inside this folder will be used alongside the default ones.


Inside the template those keywords can be used:

  • {itemname}: The name of the file without the extension
  • {namespace}: The namespace

Types of template

3 types of template are available:

Exact match

When creating the file Dockerfile, the extension will look for dockerfile.txt template.

Convention match or Partial match

If you create a template with the name repository.txt, then it will be used when creating a file ending with Repository (eg: DataRepository).

Extension match

When creating the file Test.cs, the extension will look for .cs.txt template.

How can I help?

If you enjoy using the extension, please give it a ????? rating on the [Visual Studio Marketplace][marketplace].

Should you encounter bugs or if you have feature requests, head on over to the [GitHub repo][repo] to open an issue if one doesn't already exist.

Pull requests are also very welcome, since I can't always get around to fixing all bugs myself. This is a personal passion project, so my time is limited.

Another way to help out is to sponser me on GitHub.