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Flatten Packages for Visual Studio

Build status

Flattens node_modules folder to avoid long path issues on Windows.

Important! Node.js MUST be installed for this to work.

Download this extension from the VS Gallery or get the nightly build.


The extension adds a button in the context-menu of Solution Explorer.

React Snippet Pack

It shows up when you right-click package.json or any folder containing a subfolder called node_modules.

The first time you run this extension it will download the npm package flatten-packages if you don't already have it installed.

React Snippet Pack

When the flatten-packages modules is installed (it takes ~5 seconds), the extension will run the command to flatten the package hierarchy in the node_modules folder.

React Snippet Pack

Since the extension uses a Node module behind the scenes, the package flattening will work with long paths that Windows and Visual Studio normally can't handle.