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Pkgdef Language for Visual Studio


Download this extension from the Visual Studio Marketplace or get the CI build.

This extension provides basic language support for .pkgdef and .pkgundef files in Visual Studio.

Syntax highlighting

Syntax highlighting makes it easy to parse the document. Here's what it looks like:



Full completion provided for variables and registry keys.



There's validation for both syntax errors, unknown variables, and more to help you avoid mistakes.



Collapse sections for better overview of the document.


Notice how only comments starting with a semicolon is correctly identified as a comment.


You can format the whole document Ctrl+K,Ctrl+D or the current selection Ctrl+K,Ctrl+F. It will add a line break between registry key entries, trim whitespace, and other clean-up formatting.


How can I help?

If you enjoy using the extension, please give it a ★★★★★ rating on the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Should you encounter bugs or if you have feature requests, head on over to the GitHub repo to open an issue if one doesn't already exist.

Pull requests are also very welcome, since I can't always get around to fixing all bugs myself. This is a personal passion project, so my time is limited.

Another way to help out is to sponsor me on GitHub.