Remove nuget-packages from the repository and enabled package restore #300

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It would be nice if the nuget-packages will be removed.

One reason is that the repository site will grown unnecessary.

The second, better, reason is to simplify the commits.

After pulling the repository and opening it in Visual Studio the text files are touched and the line endings are changed.

Looks like this.


On commit all these "none" changes will be fixed due changing the line endings back.

But it still gives a big distraction on commiting.

am11 commented Dec 11, 2013

@DerAlbertCom, that certainly is a brilliant idea; to keep repo clean. But curiously, even though I pulled the repo on different machines, I never got the text files touched. Perhaps some editor settings at your end are causing this in first place? Nonetheless, its always a good idea to keep it simple..

OAN, in Ruby projects, we can specify gems (system-level plugins) and lock the versions in Gemfile, this to ensure everyone would get the correct version (as opposed to deprecated ones). From Ruby bundler docs:

gem 'nokogiri' 
gem 'rails', '3.0.0.beta3' 
gem 'rack', '>=1.0' 
gem 'thin', '~>1.1' 

Most of the version specifiers, like >= 1.0, are self-explanatory. The specifier ~> has a special meaning, best shown by example. ~> 2.0.3 is identical to >= 2.0.3 and < 2.1. ~> 2.1 is identical to >= 2.1 and < 3.0. ~> 2.2.beta will match prerelease versions like 2.2.beta.12.

Can we specify the versions in .NET projects, in the same manner?


The version that will be automaticly downloaded ist exactly the version which is given in the package.config file for each project.

SLaks commented Dec 11, 2013

Check your user-level git line ending setting.


Git features some local settings per repository, so it would be great if you document the settings for that projec. Line ending and fl for the file encoding,so that we participantscan ensure being on the same page.

@SLaks SLaks added a commit to SLaks/WebEssentials2013 that referenced this issue Dec 17, 2013
@madskristensen @SLaks + SLaks Fixed #300 - Enabled NuGet package restore ce6a239
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