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Movie Review App Frontend
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Movie Review App Frontend

#APPROACH There are tons of movie review apps out there, so what makes ours different? We pair it with meals. Add your favorite meal to eat while you watch movies and don't forget to add movie titles that you have a great pairing for!

#TECHNOLOGIES Angular, Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, Javascript

#RESPONSIBILITIES -Most of our css work was done by Demetrius, Madison and Liz did contribute to some touches -Our group did a lot of pair programing when it came to angular routiing. -Backend was a mix between Liz and Madison

#HOW TO WORK THIS SITE? The first page you have a few options. You can scroll to the bottom where there are multiple movie images. If you click on one, it will bring you to the show page where you will see more info about the movie as well as reviews(Pairings) that people have suggested. You can then add your own pairing or delete reviews. Back on the home page, you can create a movie or learn about our site at the top.

#MODIFICATIONS -If we had more time, we would definitely add user capability where users could log in and have a profile of movies they want to watch and try the pairing. The user would also only be able to update and delete their own reviews. -Limit the rating and have stars show up for whatever number they rate. -Also, rate pairings where people can rate other people's reviews.

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