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#The WarFairy P-15 Stock

Keep an eye out for the P-15 foregrip to go along with this release. Coming soon...


You will need glue that works for your chosen material. Included in this package are 2 versions of the stock body. If your print envelope is LESS than 10” on any axis, use the back and front halves. If you have a Rostock Max or other large format printer, use the Full Stock file (you lucky bastard).


The stock is mostly solid. If my program is correct, and you make it 100% infill, it will weigh 3 bloody pounds. Please, for the love of god, set your infill to between 50 and 75 percent to save yourself the heartache of burning through all of your precious goo or running out mid-print.

Alright, All parts need to be printed back to front save for one. The Butt pad needs printed from front to back. Make sure everything is aligned correctly in your slicer.

Once you have everything printed out, refer to the included exploded view render to see how to assemble all the various bits. You will NEED to slightly rough the two long pegs on the front of the “Stock Back Half” before applying glue and pushing onto the “Stock Front Half”. The two flat faces need to have a small amount of glue applied to them.

BEFORE YOU GLUE THE STOCK CaP, do a test assembly of the stock cap, your chosen number of spacers and the butt plate. Slip onto the main stock body and make sure that the length of pull (distance between the butt of the stock and the trigger cutout) is comfortable for you. It is rather short without any spacers (yes, you can run it without spacers), so ENSURE that you are comfortable with the length of the assembly before you glue the pegs, spacers, cap and plate together.

DO NOT Glue the stock cap onto the main stock body. The Stock Body has a cavity for your cleaning kit or anything else you want on the weapon at all times. This is accessable by simply tugging back wards on the Stock Cap assembly. It shouldn't be loose, but you shouldn't have to crank it off either.

I LEAVE IT UP TO YOU to decide if you want to slightly sand the short pegs. As they are, they should be a tight fit into the holes they go to. And hey, if you mess it up, just print some more. They're only ½ inch in diameter and 10mm long.

##YOU WILL NEED 1 Each; Butt Pad, Stock Back Half, Stock Front Half and Stock Cap. 6 Pegs OPTIONAL: Spacers: They are 10mm thick each for reference. For each spacer you add, you will need an aditional 4 pegs.

HAPPY HUNTING, The War Fairy, Shanrilivan Contact me at #defcad on irc.oftc.net if you have any issues.