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Disruptive Solutions AR15 Slidefire stock v2


Looking through a thread about printing a bump fire stock I saw a lot of interest in printing one, but no one with a model of one, so heres that model. the spring/grip plug is just a cut down pistol grip and functions the same as the traditional slidefire stock. I wasn't able to find pictures of the actual internal retention mechanism used in the original slidefire stock So I had to improvise there and used a variation of the collapsing stock I designed for my lower receiver. As of yet this stock does not have the ability to lock in place for traditional semi-automatic fire. The stock mechanism itself attaches to a normal commercial carbine buffer tube. This stock has yet to be printed/tested. Model has been updated for printing in 8x8x8 print beds and all correct files included.

File List:

  • Stock body 1.igs
  • Stock body 2.igs
  • Stock body 3.igs
  • Grip Plug.igs
  • Stock body 1.stl
  • Stock body 2.stl
  • Stock body 3.stl
  • Grip Plug.stl
  • Bumpfirestock1.jpg
  • Bumpfirestock2.jpg
  • Bumpfirestock3.jpg
  • grip plug.jpg
  • README.txt

All Files are provided as is and open source. For help/support visit:

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