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Simple PHP class to create HTML time sheets. This is largely inspired by Timesheet.js. Timesheet.php is licensed under GPLV3 License.


  • Several segment by level
  • Choose your units
  • Format the date display
  • Responsive
  • Add a line for date of interest


You only have to include sources/class.timesheet.php and sources/css/timesheet.css in your HTML and initialize Timesheet.php with:

Include the css

<link href="../sources/css/timesheet.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

Include the PHP class

<?php include "../sources/class.timesheet.php"; ?>

And an exemple


$alpha = array('Janv', 'Fev', 'Mar', 'Apr', 'May', 'Jun', 'Jul', 'Aug', 'Sep', 'Oct', 'Nov', 'Dec');

$data = array(
		'Prun' => array(
					array('start' => '01-15','end' => '02-20'),
					array('start' => '09-07','end' => '12-07'),
		'Orange' => array(
					array('start' => '02-01','end' => '06-31'),
		'Kiwi' => array(
					array('start' => '08-30','end' => '01-20'),

$args = array(
		'id' => 'season',            /* CSS #ID of the timesheet */
		'theme' =>'white',           /* Theme white (or null for dark) */
		'alpha_first' => 1,          /* The number of the first month is one (Janv) */
		'omega_base' => 31,          /* 31 days in 1 month (for simplify) */
		'line' => date('m-d'),       /* Today in format 'm-d' */
		'line_text' => 'Today',      /* Text to display for the line */

$fruits = new timesheet($alpha, $args, $data );



The class param :

Option Description Type
$alpha The list of the section title. The array count represent the number of section. Exemple : array('Janv', 'Fev', 'Mar',...) String array
$args Array list of parameters. Map array
$data The structured data of the time sheet. Map array

The $args array

Option Description Default
id The css ID of the time sheet timesheet
theme The theme of the time sheet null (dark)
alpha_first If the alpha value don't start to 1 1
omega_base The number of omega in one Alpha 10
omega_first If the oimega value don't start to 1 1
line For diplay a line for a date of interest null
line_text The text legend of the line (Today for exemple) null
format The css ID of the time sheet null

The $args['format'] array

Option Description Default
segment_des Description of a segment. The first %s correspond to the start value and the second to the end. The string is for a sprintf() function. %s to %s
timesheet_format If the format {alpha}-{omega} can transform in a date format, fill it. Like Y-m for {year}-{month}. See null
date_format The same for the time sheet display. null

The $data array

The data array is composed of level (keys), itself compound several array (segment) (a segment can be broken into several segments during in the display). The definition of time is divided in 2 units alpha and omega ({alpha}-{omega}). Alpha can be a year and omega, a month. Or Alpha a month and omega a day. It's open.

$data = array(
        'Title1' => array(
                    array('start' => '{alpha}-{omega}','end' => '{alpha}-{omega}'),
         'Title2' => array(
                    array('start' => ...

For more information, you can see the exemple.


It'a php class for visual timesheet







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