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Sketch Plug-in that helps you prep before doing design stuff
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Mise En Place is a Sketch plug-in that helps you prep before you start cooking your designs.

Sort artboards

I got tired of arranging artboards in the layer list to match the order I saw in the canvas. Provided the artboards are aligned to each other, Sort artboards looks at their position and sorts the layer list; placing the top-left-most artboard at the top of the list and the bottom-right-most artboard at the end.


Sort and rename artboards

Same as Sort artboards but you can rename artboards using a prefix.


Prepare page motion in Principle

Going from Sketch to Principle requires a bit of preparation. For example, you need to make sure your layers are grouped and named correctly. When you import your Sketch designs into Principle, Principle renames layers having the same name. Principle uses artboards as different states in a motion sequence. It helps by interpolating changes in layers found in two different states; to do that, Principle relies on layers having the same name across states. However, when there is more than one distinct layer in the same state having the same name, Principle intervenes and renames them to ensure every layer has a unique name. Layers nested in symbol instances are particularly affected; for example, a list of symbol instances may repeat layers like Text or Background, and when they get imported to Principle, you'll end up with names like Text 14 and Background 14.

When importing a Sketch document, Principle skips over hidden layers. You may find the hard way a layer didn't get imported when you want to animate it. Going back to your Sketch document to re-import it is not always an easy task.

Another problem is that symbol instances sometimes don't port correctly into Principle. In some cases, there are some weird layout issues in Principle.

Prepare page motion in Principle helps you preparing your page in the following ways:

  • Duplicates the page you want to prepare before importing it in Principle keeping your original design intact.
  • Detaches all symbol instances.
  • Unhides all hidden layers but sets their opacity to 0. Visually, it's the same effect but these get imported into Principle. You'll see a 👁 when this happens.
  • Renames all layers to ensure unique names even for nested layers in symbols.


If you find this plugin helpful, or would like to support my plugins in general, buy me ☕️ via PayPal.


Copyright (c) 2019 Carlos Madrigal (Madwaro). See for further details.

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