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Shumblr is a graphical desktop client for the Tumblr service.

It allows you to post content on your tumblr without having to log on the
website or even open your browser.

Requirements & install

To run Shumblr, you must have Shoes which is a graphical
toolkit from the venerable _why the lucky stiff

Once you’ve downloaded and installed it, run the shumblr.rb file with it.

That’s all!

Plans for the future

As of now, Shumblr doesn’t support file uploads so you can’t post audio items or
upload photos/videos. For those tasks you still have to log into your account
from the website. I plan to add thoses features as soon as I can!

You account information is not stored anywhere so you have to enter your email
and password every time you launch the app. Depending on the feedback, I may
implement a config file where you put those details so you won’t have to login

In future versions, Shumblr will be a full featured Tumblr client with rich text
editing, post listings, file uploads, and more. Just need to find time to write
the code :)