Make-based static website builder using Jade and Stylus
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Veil is a very simple boilerplate for writing static sites.

It uses Jade for templating, Stylus for CSS generation and GNU Make for the build system.


# Create your project directory
$ mkdir my-website; cd my-website

# Download the Makefile
$ curl -sL -o Makefile

# Launch the setup task
$ make setup


Building the site requires exactly one command:

$ make
  • Pages are written with Jade and stored in sources/pages/. They will map to a file in your output dir (i.e. sources/pages/index.jadeoutput/index.html).
  • Stylesheets are written with Stylus and stored in sources/stylesheets/. They will map to a file in the assets/css/ folder of your output dir (i.e. sources/stylesheets/styles.styloutput/assets/css/styles.css).
  • Static assets from the static/ folder will be copied in the assets/ folder of your output dir, preserving subdirectories (i.e. static/js/app.jsoutput/assets/js/app.js).


Provided you have installed either inotify-tools (Linux) or fswatch (OS X), you can use the watch task to continuously rebuild the site as you modify the source files.

$ make watch


Almost every aspect of Veil is fully customisable though a file.

Creating this file allow you to override all built-in variables and most commands used during the build process.

You can, for example, change the templating system to another engine:

  1. Change the PAGE_EXT variable to the extension used by your template engine
  2. Redefine the page-cc canned recipe to use your command.
  3. There is no 3

Read the Makefile to learn what you can customise.

Here's an example for using Redcarpet as your templating engine:

PAGE_EXT = hbs

define page-cc
@ mkdir -p $(shell dirname $@)
@ redcarpet $< > $@