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App to convert universe to artnet
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Universe Converter for ArtNet

An application to convert a fixture universe or primary universe to art-net subnet and art-net universe that many lighting consoles require to communicate to a fixture or to an art-net node.


  • Input a single universe number and receive a art-net subnet and universe
  • Choose between 1 base and 0 base for primary/fixture universe
  • Choose between 1 base and 0 base for ArtNet subnet and universe
  • Save calculations
  • Add notes to calculations

Why show my code?

I keep everything in a public repo for everyone to see. This is because I like being able to see source code for apps, and I hope that some other self-taught developer finds this useful.

Also, if someone has suggestions to make the code better, please let me know! I am always open to learning new ways.

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