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title: 'Storrrify #satRdayCDF 2018'
date: '2018-06-26'
- rtweet
- conference
- satRday
- Twitter
slug: storrrify-satrdaycdf-2018
On Saturday I was at my second [satRday]( conference this year, lucky me! I got to attend [satRday Cardiff]( which was a great experience. I gave a talk about rOpenSci onboarding system of packages, find my slidedeck [here]( and other slidedecks [at this address]( A lot of R goodness!
[As I did in March for satRday Cape Town](/2018/03/24/satrdaycapetown/), I'll use my own tweets to summarize the event, but this time, having switched my website to [blogdown]( I can use [Hugo shortcodes]( as [recommended by Romain François](!
# A few words about the conference before storrifying away
One of my [part-time employers](/bio/), [Locke Data](, was a big sponsor of the event, so it had a nice stand including a giant chibi Steph Locke! I therefore got to meet my co-workers in the flesh, and several other people I had only interacted with online. I really enjoy socializing with fellow R addicts once in a while! The organisers did a great job, and made sure everyone felt welcomed. Maybe they had had a look at [Steph Locke's list of awesome event organiser resources ](! In any case, thanks [David Parr]( and [Paul Brennan](!
Now, let's have a look at the day as tweeted by me...
# Getting my tweets
This part using [`rtweet`]( is similar to what I had done in March, except the hashtag changed.
```{r, cache = TRUE}
my_tweets <- rtweet::get_timeline(user = "ma_salmon", n = 5000)
my_satrday_tweets <- dplyr::filter(my_tweets,
stringr::str_detect(text, "[sS]at[rR]day[cC][dD][fF]"),
my_satrday_tweets <- dplyr::arrange(my_satrday_tweets, created_at)
I obtained `r nrow(my_satrday_tweets)` tweets.
# Embedding the tweets
As stated in the intro I used Hugo shortcodes: cf [this section of the `blogdown` book]( I thought it'd be easy but having several tweets made it hard somehow: even when playing with chunk options and `purrr::map`-ping and friends, I wasn't able to use `blogdown::shortcode` so I used its insides instead. Still, using Hugo shortcodes is easier than hacking html. _Edited to add: after I [opened an issue with the feature request]( in `blogdown` dev version there's now a `shortcodes` function, vectorized version of `shortcode`! Thanks Yihui! I changed the code below._
Enjoy reading, and if you can, attend one of the next satRday conferences, for instance in [Amsterdam on September the 1st](! Or [run one yourself](
blogdown::shortcodes('tweet', my_satrday_tweets$status_id)