Scripts to create a montage of selfies (eg. progress video for trans folk) out of a collection of miscellaneous photographs.
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Selfie Video Montage

This project contains scripts to automate the process of creating a video montage of selfies. For instance, as seen in some progress videos for trans folk.

This process is split into three steps:

  1. Identify selfies from a collection of miscellaneous photographs, then copy the selfies to a directory.
  2. Manually review the selfies in a directory.
  3. Create a montage video from the selfies.

Identify the selfies

A python script is available to identify selfies from a collection of photographs and copy them to a directory.


The script requires to have Python 2.7 and the opencv library for Python installed. In Fedora, this can be installed with the following:

sudo dnf install python opencv-python

The script assumes that photos are stored in the .jpg format.

Running the script

Run the script the following way.

./ /path/for/photos /path/to/copy/selfies/to

The selfies will then be copied to the specified directory.

Manually review selfies

The script may have produced false positives. In this step the photos thought to be selfies will have to be combed through, and the false positives removed.

Create montage video

A script called is available to create videos from the selfies.


ffmpeg and exiftran are required to run the script. They can be installed in Fedora by running the following command:

sudo dnf install ffmpeg fbida

Running the script

To create the video, run the following:

./ /path/to/selfies soundtrack.mp3 montage.mp4

The script will then create the .mp4 video file with the montage and the specified audio file for the soundtrack.