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#include <glib.h>
struct icd_context {
gboolean daemon;
guint shutting_down;
GMainLoop *main_loop;
GSList *policy_module_list;
GSList *request_list;
GSList *nw_module_list;
GHashTable *type_to_module;
GSList *srv_module_list;
GHashTable *srv_type_to_srv_module;
GHashTable *nw_type_to_srv_module;
guint idle_timer_notify;
guint iap_deletion_notify;
gboolean icd_context_init (void);
struct icd_context *icd_context_get(void);
void icd_context_run(void);
void icd_context_stop(void);
void icd_context_destroy (void);
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