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A fast and simple streaming zip file downloader for PHP. Using this library will save you from having to write the Zip to disk. You can directly send it to the user, which is much faster. It can work with S3 buckets or any PSR7 Stream.

Please see the LICENSE file for licensing and warranty information.


Simply add a dependency on maennchen/zipstream-php to your project's composer.json file if you use Composer to manage the dependencies of your project. Use following command to add the package to your project's dependencies:

composer require maennchen/zipstream-php

Usage and options

Here's a simple example:

// Autoload the dependencies
require 'vendor/autoload.php';

// enable output of HTTP headers
$options = new ZipStream\Option\Archive();

// create a new zipstream object
$zip = new ZipStream\ZipStream('', $options);

// create a file named 'hello.txt'
$zip->addFile('hello.txt', 'This is the contents of hello.txt');

// add a file named 'some_image.jpg' from a local file 'path/to/image.jpg'
$zip->addFileFromPath('some_image.jpg', 'path/to/image.jpg');

// add a file named 'goodbye.txt' from an open stream resource
$fp = tmpfile();
fwrite($fp, 'The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.');
$zip->addFileFromStream('goodbye.txt', $fp);

// finish the zip stream

You can also add comments, modify file timestamps, and customize (or disable) the HTTP headers. It is also possible to specify the storage method when adding files, the current default storage method is 'deflate' i.e files are stored with Compression mode 0x08.

See the Wiki for details.

Known issues

The native Mac OS archive extraction tool prior to macOS 10.15 might not open archives in some conditions. A workaround is to disable the Zip64 feature with the option $opt->setEnableZip64(false). This limits the archive to 4 Gb and 64k files but will allow users on macOS 10.14 and below to open them without issue. See #116.

The linux unzip utility might not handle properly unicode characters. It is recommended to extract with another tool like 7-zip. See #146.

It is the responsability of the client code to make sure that files are not saved with the same path, as it is not possible for the library to figure it out while streaming a zip. See #154.

Upgrade to version 2.0.0

  • Only the self opened streams will be closed (#139) If you were relying on ZipStream to close streams that the library didn't open, you'll need to close them yourself now.

Upgrade to version 1.0.0

  • All options parameters to all function have been moved from an array to structured option objects. See the wiki for examples.
  • The whole library has been refactored. The minimal PHP requirement has been raised to PHP 7.1.

Usage with Symfony and S3

You can find example code on the wiki.


ZipStream-PHP is a collaborative project. Please take a look at the file.

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