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Simple JavaScript viewer for panoramic images
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A simple javascript viewer for panoramic images.

This library works with images having the following characteristics: images that cover a field of view of 360 by 180 degrees and are also known as “cycloramas”. These photographs are the stitched products of 2 fish-eye cameras which are simultaneously triggered. The sensor model of the resulting panoramic photographs is “equirectangular”. This is a type of projection for mapping a portion of the surface of a sphere to a flat image. It is also called the "non-projection", or plate carre, since the horizontal coordinate is simply longitude, and the vertical coordinate is simply latitude, with no transformation or scaling applied. In an equirectangular panoramic image all verticals remain vertical, and the horizon becomes a straight line across the middle of the image. Coordinates in the image relate linearly to pan and tilt angles in the real world. The poles (Zenith, Nadir) are located at the top and bottom edge and are stretched to the entire width of the image. Areas near the poles get stretched horizontally. The Equirectangular projection is the default output format of a rotating (scanning) panorama camera equipped with a fisheye lens – 180° fisheye giving a full sphere at 360° rotation. (From:

See the index.html file for an example of use.
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