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maestrith 1.005.27:
Added: Requested by Joe Glines
-Plugin Method TempFile(Text,[FilePath])
--Creates %Studio%\Untitled\Dump File.txt or whatever path you give it.
-Includes in the Install\Lib directory that you do not #Include but call to by function name were not getting indexed
Latest commit 8033d94 May 15, 2020


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lib Added: Dec 4, 2017
AHK-Studio.ahk 1.005.27: May 15, 2020
AHK-Studio.text 1.005.27: May 15, 2020
AHKStudio.ico Added: May 30, 2017 Updating the file May 30, 2017 Clearing out the tree Nov 2, 2015
SciLexer.dll Fixed: Reported by Run1e Sep 25, 2017

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