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Maestro Java: an implementation of the Maestro orchestration API in Java


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Deploying Maestro

Being a distributed performance testing tool that is opinionated towards large scale performance test execution and automation, Maestro focuses on multi-node deployments by default. Nonetheless, is entirely possible to run Maestro on a single node and utilities to simplify that are provided by default with the code.

There are a couple of alternatives to simplify the process or getting a Maestro deployment in place, including Ansible playbooks and templates for running Maestro on container orchestration systems such as kubernetes. Please read the Deployment Documentation for details about how to deploy Maestro or run it locally.

Using Maestro

Documentation about using Maestro is available here.

Components: Inspectors

Documentation about the Inspectors is available here.

Components: Exporter (Monitoring)

Some tips and tricks for monitoring a Maestro test cluster are available here.


Some demonstration about using Maestro, focused on the front-end, is available here.


Some tips and tricks for developing and debugging Maestro are available here.

Another Information Source

An additional information about Maestro, Maestro Agent, Maestro Inspector and the usage of Maestro for the performance testing and analysis can be found in this thesis.

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