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Each project uses lint program to guarantee the pattern and quality.

JavaScript (Client App)

Use eslint, default vue-loader

npm run lint

NodeJs (Server App)

Eslint too,

Airbnb with some changes

npm run lint
"rules": {
    "linebreak-style": [
    "semi": [
    "semi-spacing": [2, {            //
        "before": false,
        "after": true
    "no-console": 0,
    "strict": ["error", "global"],
    "no-catch-shadow": 2, // disallow the catch clause parameter name being the same as a variable in the outer scope (off by default in the node environment)
    "no-delete-var": 2, // disallow deletion of variables
    "no-label-var": 2, // disallow labels that share a name with a variable
    "no-shadow": 2, // disallow declaration of variables already declared in the outer scope
    "no-shadow-restricted-names": 2, // disallow shadowing of names such as arguments
    "no-undef": 0, // disallow use of undeclared variables unless mentioned in a /*global */ block
    "no-undef-init": 2, // disallow use of undefined when initializing variables
    "no-undefined": 2, // disallow use of undefined variable (off by default)
    "no-unused-vars": 2, // disallow declaration of variables that are not used in the code
    "no-use-before-define": 2, // disallow use of variables before they are defined
    "complexity": 0, // specify the maximum cyclomatic complexity allowed in a program (off by default)
    "no-var": 2, // require let or const instead of var (off by default)
    "generator-star-spacing": [2, "before"] // enforce the spacing around the * in generator functions (off by default)

Python 3 (Discovery, Scheduler and Reports)

pytlint, default config.

npm run lint
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