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What is Maestro Server

Maestro Server is an open source software platform for management and discovery servers, apps and system for Hybrid IT. Can manage small and large environments, to be able to visualize the latest multi-cloud environment state.

You will be able to:

  • Centralize and visualize the latest state multi-cloud environment
  • Continuously discover new servers and services of all environments
  • Powerful reports, you can create a relation with servers, services, apps and clients
  • Automatically populate inventory with ansible, logging jobs, audit and cordenate multiple teams.
  • Tracking all changes of your infrastructure

What problems does it solve?

Maestro had built to solve some problems founded in operating multi-cloud environments, multi shared devops culture and multi clients, where turns hard to keep track the latest environment state, bottlenecks to apply a compliance in all teams, visualization gaps to understand the infrastructure state, access security flaws for internals employees and out of date documentation.

  • How can we audit your env?
  • How control and keep track your environment?
  • How garantee if my documentation is updated?
  • Witch servers belong this client?

Maestro comes to help IT operation teams to organize and audit multicloud infrastructure, it come to substitute CMDB systems, auto-discovery servers, services and apps, be organized in a smart way, it's possible to classify each service, like database, message queues, vpns, api gateway, service mesh and etc, to create a relation between servers and services, docs clusters and points target, relate services, system and clients. Maestro come for you, to be a complete and simple cloud inventory.

How do I use it?

It able to analysis your full state environment of all providers you have, centralize all information about datacenters, servers, loadbalance, orchestrations tools, volumes, vpns and etc, keep track their relations, can create complex and powerful reports, analysis costs, growing up velocity, standards services names, network configurations and available deploys for each server.

Maestro Server - Cloud Inventory

See demo cloud inventory here.